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so that you may be eminently capable,

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along with all the holy ones, to fully capture

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the breadth and length and height and depth [of ______________],

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that, together with all the other true followers of God, you will be able to fully comprehend the full scope, magnitude, purpose and impact of the sacrificial love of Jesus,


1: "eminently capable":

This is a compound word in Greek, made from a connection of the preposition “out from” and the noun “aggressive strength, strength at work, fully or eminently capable, the ability to get past obstacles to get something done.”

2: fully capture

This is another compound word built by joining the preposition meaning “down, according to” and the verb “to take or receive,” which in this unions has the idea of “to take hold of.” In this combination, the preposition “down” is an intensifier and together they mean “to grasp something forcefully, to take hold of with decisive initiative, to lay hold of something so as to make it one’s own, to capture, to seize, to comprehend, to obtain, attain, appropriate for one’s self.”


There seems to be something lacking here, but the next verse will make clear that Paul had in mind.