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And now, according to the dynamic power

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in us, and to [the one] who, above every [other entity], has the dynamic capability

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to make things happen

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superabundantly beyond

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what we request or comprehend,


Our response to all this should be this: You and I already have seen God’s power at work in our lives, therefore, we recognize His activity and acknowledge that our God is the only one who deserves all the praise and glory, for far beyond any other being that can be ascribed an degree of power, our God has the dynamic capability to make things happen in our lives that we could never do for ourselves, and do so indescribably beyond what we continually ask Him to do for us in prayer, and way beyond what our minds can grasp of His capabilities to make things happen,


1: “dynamic power":

This is the source of our word “dynamite.” It portrays a dynamic, energetic power that is eminently capable of accomplishing what He wants to do.

2: "working":

this is another word for “power” that focuses primarily on the energy involved in making something happen. This is the source of our
English word “energy, energetic, energize, etc.”

3: "dynamic capability":

This is the same word used earlier in my translation, the dynamic power that gets things done, not always like “dynamite,” but sometimes. I have changed the order of the Greek sentence, but the point is that there are three words in this verse that mean or allude to “power or ability,” this one is used twice although in different grammatical forms.

4: "make things happen":

This is a word meaning “to work, make, do, construct, produce, create, exercise authority, accomplish.”

5: superabundantly beyond

This is two words joined together that mean almost the same things. The first is a preposition that means “beyond, above, over” or “for the betterment of,” and the second is the adverb “abundantly.” So this is a level of abundance that far surpasses the normal level of abundance.