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By which, reading

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[it], you are empowered

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to think my putting [things] together inside the mystery of CHRIST,


and when you read it you are capable of using your minds to perceive the way I have put things together regarding the things which THE SPIRIT ANOUNTED MESSIAH has concealed up to this time,


1: "reading":

Their word for “read” was also the word for “to know again.” Maybe reading was “to know again” because when you read out loud you catch it twice, once with your eyes and once with your ears. Here he is probably referring back to what he has already written about the acceptance of the Gentiles, which if they read it carefully, or if they go back and read it again, they would understand his perspective on the matter.

2: "empowered":

This is the word for “power” from which we get our words “dynamite and dynamic.” It can mean simple things like being “able or capable,” as well as more impressive things like “empowered, energized, make something possible.”