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to me, the [one who is] lower than the lowest

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of all the holy ones, was given this undeserved favor [that I may] announce to the Gentiles the untraceable

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good news of the abundance

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and to think that this undeserved privilege of announcing to the Gentiles the incomprehensible good news that shows how vast are the blessings of following THE SPIRIT-ANOINTED MESSIAH, was given to me, even though I am the most unworthy of all the people that Jesus has made pure,


1: lower than the lowest

This is a double comparison. It starts with a superlative, which is the most extreme in whatever direction the comparison is pointing. In this case the direction is downward, so it mean “the lowest of all.” But then there is a comparative word added to the first one, and this second word means “lower than that,” i.e. “lower than the lowest.”

2: "untraceable":

“Unable to be tracked, traced, comprehended, or followed step by step.”

3: "abundance":

This word means “wealth, riches, abundance, possessions.” When applied to what Jesus has done for us, it refers to all kinds of benefits of following Him, not just to material possessions such as money.


Rather than a burden or a disgrace, Paul saw it as a privilege and special favor from God to be allowed to preach the Gospel to the Gentiles – those that were considered “lower” by the Jews. Paul saw himself as “lower than the lowest” largely because he had participated in persecuting the church before his conversion.