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You, son of man,

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proclaim an explanation

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of the temple to the house of Israel that they may be ashamed of their guilty condition. Let them measure its well-proportioned pattern


I want you, my special child, to stand boldly and describe loudly and clearly the details about the temple to the nation of Israel so they will be ashamed of their guilty condition. Make your explanation such that they will carefully evaluate and learn from its careful balance.



“Son of man” was both a way to single someone out as special, and also say he is ordinary. Besides that it was an open slate allowing the one speaking that title to fill it with almost any meaning he desired.


The word I have rendered as “proclaim an explanation of” has the root meaning of “to be conspicuous, i.e. highly visible.” The rest of its meanings have to do with saying something. What is said and how it is said is not important, as long as it is conspicuous, visible and loud.