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In the beginning ELOHIM

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the heavens

and the earth,


In the beginning THE CREATOR AND OWNER OF ALL THINGS created

the realms above the earth that are mostly unknown to us, and the realm we know and live in,



“Elohim” can mean “god, ruler, judge, or divine one.” In my paraphrase column I try to emphasize that the God we are talking about is first of all the one that created all things, and based in His creative acts is also the proper owner of all things. Humans would later choose other gods for themselves, gods of their own making, but none of them have the power to create anything.

2: “created”

Although this word is used various times in Scripture of making something new, it does not have to have that meaning. Its usages include the ideas of “cutting, shaping, making or creating.” Cutting seems to be a prominent idea within this word, although it does not fit the creation narrative as well, unless you think of God’s work in dividing things He had made, but that work is expressed using a different word.