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Then YHVH (read Adonai)

ELOHIM took the adam

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and placed him in the protected enclosure

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of EDEN to cultivate it and preserve it.


Then THE PERSONAL AND ETERNAL GOD who is also THE SUPREME RULER took the man and placed him in the protected enclosure of DELICATE DELIGHTS to cultivate it and be in charge of preserving it.



In Genesis chapters 1, 2 and 3 the word “adam” often appears with an article, meaning “the man;” without the article it means “man” or “red,” which makes us think that the dirt God used to form Adam was red dirt. It is sometimes used of a member of the human race, and sometimes of the person we know as Adam. In the translation column, when the Hebrew uses this word with an article, I use the English words “the adam” thus indicating times when the text intends to communicate “the man;” I use “Adam” when it appears without an article, intending to be used as a proper name.


“protected enclosure” is usually translated “garden,” but it actually means “protected enclosure.” It was a combination of an orchard, a park and a garden surrounded by a wall or a thick hedge.