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So the adam gave names to all the easily domesticated animals, and birds of the air and to every living creature of the field,

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but for ADAM


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there was not found

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a helper opposite him.


So the man gave identification and a reputation to all the easily domesticated animals, and the birds of the air, and to every living creature that belongs to the open fields, but for THE RED  MAN MADE FROM DIRT no corresponding and complementary helper was found.


1: “creatures of the field”

Notice that the text consistently mentions the animals in conjunction with the domain in which they live. The consistency of this usage tells us that these domains or realms are important to God. In the Bible, sometimes the message is this: “Make sure you belong to the correct realm, God’s realm.” The concept of realms is an important aspect of the Law. There are a number of passages in the New Testament that are tied to the question, “Which realm are you a part of?” See


ADAM: This is the first time the word “adam” is used without the article; here it is simply “Adam” rather than “the adam” as it has consistently appeared up till now. Bible versions are divided on when they stop interpreting the use of “adam” as “the man” and when they start to use it as a proper name “Adam.” I agree with the editor of the NET Bible that this seems to be the logical and intended place to do so because it is the first time the word is used without the article “the.” However, the narrative continues using “the man” quite often after this rather than the personal name. That shows the importance of this statement. Here Adam’s need for a wife is very personal; in this instance he is not representing the entire human race, it is referring only to him and his need.

3: “not found”

There is no subject to this verb; we are not told if only Adam was looking for and hoping for a companion, or if he and God together were looking, or if nothing was said about it. The focus here is not on the looking but on the outcome – none was found. It appears that one of the reasons God had Adam complete this exercise of naming the animals was to heighten Adam’s sense of need for a companion, and to show him that there were no other options. Although it is not stated clearly, we can assume that God brought the animals to Adam in pairs in order to heighten Adam’s sense of loneliness. All the Bible scholars I am aware of agree that God brought them in pairs.