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And both of them were bear,

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but the adam and his wife

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were not ashamed.   (See comment below.)

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At that time both of them were naked, but for the man and his wife, there was no shame involved, for they were completely innocent.   (see comment below.)



This word means “bare.”


The word can mean “woman, wife, or female of any age,” and context must tell the difference as it does here. Once again, the general word for “woman” is used, but we know from context that she is in a close relationship with the man and therefore she is his “wife.”


The fact that they were naked but felt no shame is a powerful indication that they were innocent. They did not respond to things the way we do now; that is the difference that sin makes. Here there was no fear of exploitation and vulnerability was not seen as a negative thing, but was an important part of a close relationship. Being bare was just part of their reality.


A covenant is much more than the contracts with which we are familiar. Remember that a covenant was a relationship that resulted in either life or death.

I think it is unfortunate that we sometimes hear the word covenant used in relation to church membership. People become members of a local church with the knowledge that, if they ever need to change their membership to another local church, that option is available and acceptable (although everyone hopes it is not necessary). Therefore, it is not a covenant. Therefore, we should not speak of church membership as a “covenant” because it cheapens and weakens this rich and powerful word.

Marriage was called a covenant because God wanted us to know it is a special relationship with carefully constructed regulations that have serious consequences. It was intended to be for life, not something that could be gotten out of easily. God allowed for the dissolution of a marriage in extreme cases because of man’s wickedness, but it was not His original plan. God takes marriage seriously; so should we.