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But of the tree that is in the middle

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of the enclosure ELOHIM has said, ‘You shall not eat it, nor shall you touch it,

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lest you die.’”

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But regarding the tree that is in the very center of the enclosure THE CREATOR AND OWNER OF ALL THINGS told Adam, ‘Don’t eat from it, don’t even touch it, because if you do, you will die.’”



This word does not have to mean “middle” or “in the very center of,” it can also mean “among, or in the midst of, or between”. However, the context here requires that it be translated “in the middle of, or in the center of.” She used it as a form of identification. She does not identify it with a name, but by its location, therefore the location needs to be unique and clear.


From what we are told, God never said they could not touch it. This was added either by Adam or by Eve. My guess would be that Adam told her exactly what God had said, but then he added his own advice to keep her away from it. He intended it to be an added deterrent – “My Dear, listen to me. Don’t even touch that fruit, because the closer you get to it and the more you interact with it the more you will want to eat it. Just stay away from it.” However, this addition may have played a small role in making God’s rule look ridiculous. We are not told that Satan said something about it, but he could have done so,– “Really? What’s wrong with touching it? If you touch it but don’t eat it, there should be no problem. That’s a stupid rule.” The other possibility is that this type of objection could have been in Eve’s mind already. If she was the one to add the part about not touching the fruit, it could have indicated her opinion that all of this was too restrictive. If this was the case then she was already starting to doubt God’s wisdom and goodness, and Adam should have been dealing with that issue. It appears that he did not attempt to do so, or he was unsuccessful in his attempts.

3: “lest you die”

The consequence is clear and severe, but the details of how it would come about are not clear. Often God does the same with us, He gives us a directive and tells us there will be consequences, but He does not go into detail. We are expected to follow in submissive faith.