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If the death of CAIN should be avenged seven times, then harm to Lamech

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should be avenged seventy-seven times.  (See comment below.)


Just like God said that anyone who kills AQUIRED FROM GOD would suffer early deaths in their family for seven generations, so I say that anyone who does harm to Lamech (meaning unknown) will suffer harm that is seventy seven times greater than the harm he has caused me. I will gain a reputation for making sure that such vengeance is delivered.  (See comment below.)



Lamech thought he was something great and it appears that he set out to become the most powerful man on earth before the world-wide flood. It also appears that he accomplished that goal. And yet, despite his greatness on the human level, we don’t even know the meaning of his name. It seems to be an irony planned by God that we do not know the meaning of Lamech, even though it appears that he played a huge role before the flood. While hinting at the fact that he played a key role, the Bible also hints at the fact that he was not a great man; he was not someone we should emulate.

What Can We Deduce About Lamech and his Family

Lamech put himself on the same level as God by saying he would be avenged 77 times.

One wife’s name was Ornament, the other name we do not know the meaning for. It is possible that the first wife was Zillah, and that Ornament was the second, even though they are always listed with Adah first. She was probably listed first because she was more important in this story. When Lamech took his second wife he became known (so it appears) as the first man to have two wives, and her name indicates that he did not need a second wife; he wanted her. It is a picture of unrestrained greed.

It appears that Lamech became the closest thing to a world-wide leader before the flood.

Lamech probably had other children since he lived a long time. But these are mentioned because they played prominent roles in the history of man. It is possible that Lamech was already pursuing great power and leadership when his sons were born, therefore he named them according to what he wanted them to become and he raised each of them with a specific purpose in mind.

Jabal may have become a leader over the important field of animal husbandry and possibly all business, as the word for cattle can also mean possessions or purchase.

It is likely that Jubal did more than invent and play instruments. He may have started out that way, but I envision his father using him to guide and control an entire entertainment industry which promoted a lascivious, party atmosphere throughout all of society. He was assisted in this by one of his half-sisters, Naamah, whose name means “pleasure.”

Naamah is mentioned by name because she played an important role and because her name (Pleasure) fits well with the story. She may have been the leader and the public example of all prostitutes. She probably assisted her brother Jubal in promoting a lascivious lifestyle through partying and other forms of entertainment.

Tubal Cain probably did not discover Iron and Bronze, but he did take them to a whole new level. The word for Iron means “to pierce” so the early use of iron may have been dedicated primarily to the making of weapons. This would indicate that the line of Cain gained an advantage in warfare due to the leadership of Tubal Cain in the creation of iron weapons. We do not know how far they went in weapon-making before the flood, but it may have gone much further than what most of us think.