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And the spring-like sources

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of the abyss

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and the window lattices

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of the heavens were shut up, and the rain from the heavens was restrained.


The valves that can open and close located in the dark, foreboding depths, were closed, and the restraining forces that control the water coming from the sky began to restrain the water again. Thus the rain from the sky stopped.


1: "spring-like sources":

This word is usually rendered “spring, fountain or source,” but it comes from another word meaning “eye.” An eye can be opened or closed. That is the idea behind a spring of water; it can open to produce flowing water (like flowing tears), or it can close to prevent any flow of water. A spring is an “eye” of the earth.

This is referring to the fissures in the ocean floor.

2: "the abyss":

This is the Hebrew word for “sea, depth or abyss,” all of which have dark and foreboding overtones.

3: "window lattices":

A lattice is designed to control what comes in through an opening. In ancient times its purpose was to keep the sun from shining in but allow some air to move in and out.


Although this verse makes it sound like the sources that can open and close found above and below, in the sky and in the seas, were totally closed, we know from the continuing description of events that it was not quite that conclusive, especially as it relates to the ocean floor. The point was that the progression of the flood changed course and the waters began to recede instead of increasing.

This verse and the next make it sound like it did not rain after day 150 of the flood event. The conditions for continued, heavy rains were present. So it appears that God intervened to restrict the rain that was the natural result of the vast amount of evaporation from the heated seas. I believe He held that water in reserve for after the flood when the conditions left by the flood event would turn into a short ice age of about 700 – 800 years. So here we have a second time that God controlled the amount of rain coming on the earth just as the ancients would open or close their window lattices to control how much sunlight (and heat) came into their homes. Usually God allows the natural pattern of evaporation and precipitation to go on unhindered, but during the flood event, He intervened to open or close the “valves” that control the rain.

The “eyes” of “spring-like sources of the abyss” were a different story. The vast amount of information collected by the oil drilling companies seems to indicate that runaway subduction continued until the very end of the flood event. So this statement serves to tell us that the flood event changed course; the volume of new ocean floor that was already in place and cooling surpassed the volume of new, hot ocean floor that was being created by runaway subduction. This resulted in a smaller portion of the sea floor that was lifted up, and if the average level of the sea floor lowered, it would result in the average level of the sea on the surface also being lowered. So the statement of the eyes of the abyss being closed is true, but it must be qualified. This valve was closed slowly, whereas the valve controlling the rain seems to have been closed quickly, in an instant.