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Then I said, “Look! It is written of me on the little head

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of the book; I have come to do your will, O THEOS.”

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Then I told my Father, “See! In the scroll containing the Law it predicts this event; I have come to do your will, O CREATOR AND OWNER OF ALL THINGS, (Your law [holds the central place in my heart because I have memorized and burned it] into my heart [to guide me] – Ps 40:8). ”


1: "little head"

In this case there are a few steps between my translation and my paraphrase. The Greek word used here means “little head” and it was also used of the “knob” at the ends of the wood around which a scroll was wound. The Hebrew word used in Ps 40:7 means “roll,” and the Hebrew phrase means “in a roll of the book.” The Greek wording used here is pointing to the same thing as Ps 40:7. i.e. “the roll of the book,” but I chose to show you what the Greek actually says – “the little head.” David was likely referring to the Law and indicating that He had attempted to be faithful to the entire law. But David’s words refer more to Jesus than to himself because Jesus fulfilled them much more completely. The author of Hebrews was likely referring to the entirety of the Old Testament Scriptures.


The passage Jesus was quoting, Ps 40:6-8, includes a final statement that Jesus did not say in the hypothetical conversation expressed in Heb 10:7. It says “Your law is in the middle of my heart.” I have included it in the paraphrase column because this was a tactic that many Jews used; they would say most of the statement but purposefully leave out part of it. The speaker expected the listener to know the Old Testament well enough to be able to finish the statement on his own. Sometimes the speaker would purposefully leave out the most important part. I figure not all of my readers know Ps 40 by heart, therefore, I considered it justified to add the final statement to the paraphrase. The last part, which Jesus did not say out loud, proves He is qualified to do this work of atonement – He is in full harmony with the Law.