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For He has spoken somewhere

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about the seventh day in this way, “And on day seven THEOS rested from all His works.”

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For God spoke somewhere else, you figure out where that was, because who knows, it might be important (wink), and He said this about the seventh day: “On the seventh day of creation THE CREATOR AND OWNER OF ALL THINGS paused after having created or set in motion everything He had planned.”



This was said, not because the author didn’t know where it was found, but because he wanted the reader to participate even more by thinking about where it was and understanding its importance from its location in the Old Testament.


This quote is found in Genesis 2:2. It is the climax of the creation narrative; rest (connection) is what God was working toward all week long. This made the quote carry more weight, and by not telling them where it was found, the writer emphasized its importance more than if he had just told them.

This statement also indicates that God set in motion everything necessary for our salvation and our communion with our Creator. While God is always active in our lives, we can also say that His plan was determined and initiated from the beginning and, in that limited sense, His work was “complete” at the end of creation week.