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Wherefore He is powerfully capable

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to save throughout

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all time

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those who are drawing near to THEOS through Him, [since] at all times He is living for the purpose

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to meet and make supplication

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[to God] for them.


That is why He is plenty capable of saving those who, at any given time, are drawing near, by His agency, to THE CREATOR AND OWNER OF ALL THINGS because He is always living in order to intercede to God for them.



What I have expressed as “powerfully capable”  is a verb in Greek which means “to be powerful, to be capable, to be dynamic, to have the ability.” It is a very strong word, seen by the fact that from it we get our English word “dynamite.”


This preposition usually means “into or unto” but it can also mean things like “in, among, toward, throughout.” I have chosen “throughout” in order to match my rendering of the next word as “all time.”


This is an adjectival form of the word “all, complete, entire, through all time.” Here the theme is that of Jesus’ perpetual priesthood based on His victory over death, therefore I think the idea being communicated is that He can save people at any possible time because He will always be alive and functioning in the capacity of High Priest.


Here we see the word which is usually translated “into or unto” but can also be rendered “for the purpose of.”


This word is usually rendered “to intercede” but its fundamental idea is “to intersect with or to meet with someone or something.” There can be several reasons to meet with someone, one of which is to make a supplication,” hence the idea of “intercede.”

Jesus Is a Guarantor of the New Covenant

This is how Jesus acts as the guarantor of the New Covenant; He intercedes for us before the Father. This means that every time an accusation comes to God about something we have done which deserves punishment, Jesus reminds God the Father that He has already taken that punishment for us. Forgiveness is provided before we even ask for it; all we need to do is ask.