1 Corinthians12:23

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and those parts of the body we suppose to be without honor, these we bestow all-around

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honor, and the shapeless part of us have all-around elegance of figure;

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and on those parts of the body that we think of as having no dignity we bestow exaggerated dignity, and our unattractive parts actually have exaggerated beauty.



This adverb is made from two prepositions, “around” and “out/from.” It denotes something that starts from a single point and spreads out until it encompasses everything around it. It is therefore rendered by translators as “abundantly, exceedingly, greater, etc.”


“elegance of figure”: This word is almost the same word used earlier for “shapeless,” the difference being that “shapeless” includes the negative “without,” becoming “without shape,” while this is the basic (positive form) before anything is added. Besides meaning “elegance of form, external beauty, charm” it can also mean “decorum, or embellishment.”