1 Corinthians1:4

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As it pertains to you and everything about you,

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I always thank my THEOS for the grace

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of THEOS that was given to you in CHRIST JESUS,


Every time I pray for you and everything that surrounds your situation, I thank THE CREATOR AND OWNER OF ALL THINGS whom I serve for His underserved grace that was given to you by the person and redemptive work of THE ANOINTED MESSIAH who is also THE LORD’S SAVIOR,



The preposition used here is “peri” which we use in English words like “peripheral” etc. It means “around, encompassing.” It is comprehensive word with a strong emphasis on everything pertaining to a person or situation. “all-encompassing” is a good way to render this preposition.


This is the Greek word meaning “grace, and favor.” The Greeks got their word for “gift” from their word for “grace” because a gift was something that was given based on grace or favor, not merit. God’s grace to us is undeserved. As we go through the rest of our discussion on spiritual gifts, remember that the word gift is the daughter of the word grace, and it always includes something that is undeserved.