1 Corinthians14:24

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However, if everyone were to be prophesying and some faithless person or one who is his own person comes in, he is convicted

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by all; he is investigated

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by all,


However, if an unsaved person or someone who is clueless as to the ways of God joins your gathering while you are all speaking words of exhortation from God’s word and challenging each other to live for God’s glory, he will be convicted of the ways in which he lacks what is being talked about; the content of these exhortations examines his soul and proves it is lacking,



This word means “to convict, to find guilty, convince with solid evidence, expose as guilty” also “to reprove, rebuke, discipline, admonish or chasten.”


“investigated”:  This word comes from the preposition “up” and the verb “to judge,” thus “to judge up.” The preposition “up” intensifies the verb and gives it an emphasis on the process needed to make the action happen. In the case of judging, the process leading up to judging requires examining, investigating, even interrogating, in order to gather enough evidence to judge properly. Helps word studies says it this way, “to distinguish by vigorously judging down to up, i.e. closely examining (investigating) through the process of careful study, evaluation and judgment.” Therefore, this word is usually rendered something like “examine, investigate, or question.”