1 Corinthians14:27

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If anyone speaks in an [unknown] tongue, [keep it] down to two, or at the most three, and up by portion;

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and one must interpret.


If the Holy Spirit causes some to speak in the proper public form of tongues which is for unbelievers who speak foreign languages, it will not be everyone doing this at the same time, as you do with your counterfeit; it will be just a few, probably only two or three will be necessary, and they should not speak on top of each other, but take turns. Also, God has shown me that, in your case, because of your abuses of tongues, it is necessary for someone to interpret the tongues for the sake of the local believers; this will serve as a confirmation that you are not coming up with another type of counterfeit.



The idea being communicated here is what we call “taking turns, or in turn.”


Corinth was not Pentecost. At Pentecost there were people present from 14 different regions outside of Judea. At a meeting of the local congregation in Corinth it was not likely that they would have people present who needed assistance understanding the message of the Gospel because of their language or dialect. Paul knew there would not be enough foreigners present who needed to be evangelized through public tongues to warrant all of them speaking in tongues at every meeting.