1 Peter4:11

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If anyone speaks, _______

as oracles or divinely inspired words

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if anyone is completely dusty,

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________ as from strength which THEOS supplies in full,

so that THEOS may be glorified in all things


to whom be the glory

and the power to rule completely

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unto the ages of the ages,



If anyone gives exhortation about living for God or speaks in an unknown language so foreigners can know the truth about Jesus, he must do so in a way which demonstrates that he is speaking divinely inspired words from THE CREATOR AND OWNER OF ALL THINGS; if anyone energetically serves others, he must do so using the strength that comes from THE CREATOR AND RULER OF ALL THINGS who supplies everything we need. All these things must be done in a way that gives all the credit and all possible accolades to THE CREATOR AND RULER OF ALL THINGS, on account of the redemptive work of THE LORD’S SAVIOR who is also the SPIRIT-ANOINTED MESSIAH, who is worthy to receive all the credit and all possible accolades, as well as the one we acknowledge as having all the authority to rule completely, without hindrance, and we will make Him look good in these ways for ever and for ever. We pledge ourselves to this end; may we do nothing to stand in the way of it



The word I have rendered “oracles or divinely inspired words” is one of the words used in the LXX to translate Urim in Ex 28:30, but in a different form. Therefore, there appears to be a connection to the Urim and Thummim and thus to speaking in tongues. But there is also a connection to prophecy because the meaning of the word for “oracle” fits the meaning of “prophesy.” I believe the statement “if anyone speaks,” was purposefully left wide open in order to apply to any or all of the spiritual gifts that rely on speaking to others, with  speaking in public tongues and prophesying as the ones most talked about in the New Testament.

2: “completely dusty”:

We get our English word “deacon” from this Greek word. It is often rendered “to be a servant or a slave” but it comes from two words, the first of which can mean (among other things) “thoroughly, completely” and the second word is “dust,” therefore, the most literal meaning of the word is “completely dusty.” It was used to communicate the idea  “to move so quickly as to kick up dust while running an errand or waiting on tables.”

3: “rule completely”:

This word means “the exercise of power or dominion” but it comes from a root word meaning “perfect or complete.” Thus it was used of someone with complete, unquestioned authority.


The point here is that a person’s exhortation must agree with all of Scripture and his unknown languages must impact foreign unbelievers who are present. Our use of gifts for ministry must demonstrate that they are from God, not of human origin. What’s more, the gifting given to us by the Holy Spirit for service to others cannot make us look good, it must be used to glorify God and make Him look good.