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then you will delight yourself in YHVH,

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and I will cause you to ride on the heights of the land

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and feed you with the inheritance of your father Jacob,

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for the mouth of YHVH has spoken.


then you will find your joy in ADONAI, THE ETERNAL AND PERSONAL GOD,

and I will cause you to be victorious in all your battles, be respected by everyone and rule over many people; and

I will make sure you have plenty of everything you need. You can be sure of this because I, Adonai, THE ETERNAL AND PERSONAL GOD am the one saying this, and I cannot lie.



If you delight yourself in the Sabbath (enjoying time with me) then you will find delight in me, which means you will receive all I have to offer you on every level.


At a bare minimum this means to be a victorious conqueror; however it can very easily refer to much more than that, as is indicated in the paraphrase column.


The children of Jacob (meaning the Israelites) inherited a very large land which was promised to end up reaching from the border with Egypt to the Euphrates river. It started out smaller than that, and they never occupied all that area, but that is what God had promised them, if they had consistently followed Him. The blessings for following God’s covenant also included many other positive things, such as protection, prosperity, productivity, and peace. The inheritance of Jacob was an impressive package indeed.