Jesus knew that they were desiring to question

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Him, and He said to them, “Do you seek

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among one another concerning this, that I said, ‘A little and you do not see me, and again a little, and you will see me’?”

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Jesus knew that they were wanting to bombard Him with questions about what He had said earlier, so He said to them, “Are you

trying to get to the bottom of this by inquiring among yourselves about the fact that I said, ‘A little while longer and you will not be able to see me, but after another little while, you will be able to see me clearly.


1: “to question Him”

This Greek word mans “to interrogate, question, beseech, intreat or pray,” but “to interrogate” seems to the be main idea, i.e. to bombard with questions.


This word means “to seek in order to find, to seek by inquiring, to investigate, to get to the bottom of a matter, to demand.”


Although the two words for “see” have lots of overlap, this second one seems to carry a stronger idea of seeing clearly, or perceiving correctly.