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Therefore Jesus, having seen His mother and the disciple whom He loved standing by [her], says to [His] mother, “Woman,

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your son.”


Therefore, when Jesus saw the disciple He had the closest friendship with standing by His mother, He said to His mother, “My precious Mom, I want you to take note of something – the one standing next to you is acting like a good son. Accept him as a son in my place.”



The word “woman” was used of a woman in general, but also of a wife. It often denoted a special relationship, although not always. To us it seems strange for Jesus to address His mother with the word “woman” but to them it was normal and that is because this word was often used in admiration, respect, kindness, and tenderness. For that reason, my paraphrase communicates that tenderness in a way that is acceptable to us.


This is the word that has often been translated “Behold.” It means “look!” but it has a wide variety of applications.