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the animal that makes a shrieking sound, the strong and capable animal, the animal that likes to hide, and the animal which always lies low.


and the animal that makes a shrieking sound (you know which one I mean), the strong and capable animal (you know which one that is), the animal that likes to hide (you know which one I’m talking about), and the animal which always lies low (you know the one), [all of which move along the ground.]

Do We Know Which Animal Was Meant by Each Description?

No, we don’t.

Because ancient names of animals and plants are simply descriptions of how they act or what they look like, scholars have to guess at most of them. Sometimes the context and the description work together to create a fairly clear picture and scholars are fairly confident about their conclusion; a good example is the animal that is close to the ground and carries a canopy over it wherever it goes. That sounds like a turtle or tortoise, right? In most other cases one is left with so many possible options that he must guess without much confidence of being right. For that reason I have chosen to give you the description just like they did, rather than trying to guess at the animal in view for each description.