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Speak to the sons of ISRAEL saying, “If a woman has conceived and given birth to a male, she must be isolated

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seven days as in the days when she is shunned

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due to her filthy menstruation that causes her to feel ill;

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she must be isolated,



Speak to THOSE WHO REFUSE TO LET GO OF GOD and say this: “If a pregnant woman gives birth to a baby boy, she must be isolated for seven days in the same way and for the same reasons as when she is kept away from others due to the bloodiness of her monthly period that makes her have cramps; yes, she must be in isolation.


1: "isolated":

The word used here is commonly translated “unclean”; its basic meaning is “polluted, defiled or contaminated.” But it has numerous facets, and not all of them are negative; not all of them are nasty. In cases which refer to blood, like this one, the status of “unclean” was used to show how important it is. We should “isolate” blood because it is important, not because it is bad.

2: "shunned":

This word comes from a root word meaning “to retreat, to depart, flee, remove, stray.”  The main idea is that of distance, i.e. “far away.”

3: "feel ill":

This word means “to feel ill, to not feel good, to be sick.” Here feeling ill referred to having cramps. She was not put in isolation because she had cramps, but because of the blood that was involved. It was all about the blood.