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You must keep my statutes. You shall not cause your livestock to breed with something different,

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nor sow a mixture in your field, nor shall something made of two things together, made of mixed stuff

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come upon you.


You must live within the limits I have set. You must not cause your livestock to mate with animals that are different from them; you must not plant different types of seeds together in your field, you must not wear garments that are made of two different types of threads, different stuff mixed together, such as possibly linen and wool.



The word used here means “two, both, two things, two kinds, two different things, a mixture, separate, diverse.” This word is used in each phrase of this verse.


What I have rendered as “mixed stuff” means just that, “mixed stuff.” However, it was often used in reference to wool and linen together, so much so that it came to imply those two things, even if they were not mentioned specifically.