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Now whenever someone draws near

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an offering that is a grain offering

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to YHVH (read Adonai), his offering must be ground flour. He shall pour oil onto it and put frankincense on it.


Now whenever someone draws near to offer a gift from the harvest to THE ETERNAL AND PERSONAL GOD,  his offering must be in the form of grain that is husked and ground. He must pour olive oil onto it and then put bits of frankincense in it.



This word simply means to “draw near” for any purpose. Context must indicate what or who someone is drawing near to, and what the purpose was. If the context is that of sacrifices or the temple, we can be confident that they were drawing near to the altar of sacrifice, and the purpose was to offer their sacrificial animal on the altar.


I have rendered this word in the translation column as “grain offering” because that is what it was usually called, but that is not what the word means. The word used here means “gift, tribute, or present.”