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At that statement she became intensely troubled deep inside, and she debated

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with herself about what sort

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of greeting this might be.


At that statement she became intensely stirred up inside; she was confused and argued back and forth with herself about the nature of this greeting, but only ended up more confused about it, and what her response should be.



This word means “to debate, to reckon, to try to reason something out, or to go back and forth in a state of confusion.” It is described as two confused minds going back and forth about something and only ending up with more confusion.


The word used here means “what kind or what sort,” with an emphasis on the nature or quality of the item in question. She had never heard of a person like herself (Rebellious) being greeted in such a way by an angel. She didn’t know if she should be glad or be concerned, and she was struck immediately with how impossible it seemed that someone like her would receive a greeting like that. We know the story, so we know that her wonder and amazement would only increase with the rest of the angel’s message.