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Then MARY said, “Behold, I am a slave

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of the LORD, may it be to me according to your word.” Then the angel left her.


Then THE REBELLIOUS ONE said, “See, here is my decision and my level of resolve on the matter: I will be a humble slave bound to THE SUPREME RULER, may things happen to me as you have said.”

Then the messenger left her.


1: “I am a slave”

Once again notice the additional power and irony that the understanding of names brings to the story. Here the REBELLIOUS AND DEFIANT ONE says, “I will submit, I will obey totally. I will be bound to the Lord, to do only what He desires. I will accept whatever He chooses to do with me, even if I don’t fully understand it.” She did not know how Joseph would react, or how her parents would react. But she did know there was a chance she could be stoned for becoming pregnant outside of marriage; and she knew that no one would believe her story about the angel who said she would become pregnant by the Holy Spirit. People would say, “The Holy Spirit doesn’t go around getting girls pregnant; you’re just trying to cover up your bad choices.” But she decided, with resolve, to say “Yes, the Lord may do with me whatever He desires; I will no longer be REBELLIOUS.” Why don’t we see a name change for Mary? My guess is that God left her original name in the story to remind us of ourselves, to remind us of what we are like without Him.

Notice also that being a “slave” includes the concept of being bound to someone. In this case Mary was voluntarily binding herself to the Lord as His slave. The name Elizabeth means one who has BOUND HERSELF TO GIVE ALL ALLEGIANCE TO HER GOD. Now Mary, THE REBELIOUS ONE, is becoming like Elizabeth, A BOUND ONE.