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Then MARY said, “My soul magnifies

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the LORD,



“With all of my being, with the very breath of life that God gave me, and with my life


1: “magnifies”

This word literally means “to make great.” We cannot make God great, He is great despite what we do or say; the idea is that we make Him look good in the eyes of others by striving to make sure others know how great He is. A knowledge of who is speaking is helpful here; THE [PREVIOUSLY] REBELLIOUS ONE is now making God look good, not only for how He can do what no other entity can do, but because of how He treats rebellious, defiant sinners. It appears that God’s acceptance of her outweighs her concerns about how she will be treated by others. The way God has treated her, by choosing her for this special task, has stimulated a response that

flows from every fiber of her being. We must all agree that her life and story have indeed been a huge billboard proclaiming how great and how gracious God is, a billboard that has been read by countless billions of rebellious, defiant sinners.