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as He spoke

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to our fathers, to ABRAHAM, and to his descendants

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in accordance with what He spoke to our fathers, i.e. to THE EXALTED FATHER, and to his descendants forever.”



Once again we hear the theme that God does not fail to complete what He has spoken.

2: “to his descendants”

This verse informs us that the word spoken to Abram was spoken to us all. That word is a reminder that God is a God of mercy. What was beginning to happen in the life of Mary was the beginning of the fulfillment of the promise to Abram and the biggest demonstration ever of God’s mercy. In Scripture, the word “promise” is usually singular, and it always points to some aspect of that one promise expressed to Abram foretelling the coming of one who would bless all nations. What Abram was told formed the foundation for the history that would follow, a history in which God was striving to prepare for himself an instrument through which He could bless the world with His gift of reconciliation.