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blessed them and said to MARY

His mother, “Behold, this one is appointed for the falling and rising

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of many in ISRAEL,


and for a sign to be spoken against,

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Then I HAVE BEEN HEARD BY GOD blessed them, and said to THE [PREVIOUSLY] REBELLIOUS ONE, the child’s mother, “Watch out, this son is appointed to cause the falling and rising of many of THOSE WHO ARE TENACIOUS AND PERSISTENT IN SHOWING GOD HOW SERIOUS THEY ARE ABOUT HOLDING ON TO GOD IN ORDER TO RECEIVE WHAT GOD HAS ALREADY PROMISED; and He is appointed as a sign that will be spoken against,


1: “for the falling and rising”

This seems to imply that those who think they are OK spiritually will be proven to be unspiritual, and those who are looked down upon will be lifted up as good role models and examples for us all.

2: “a sign to be spoken against”

This does not sound much like a blessing. It is quite likely that he gave them a typical blessing and then added to it some other information that he had received. The blessing grew out of his joy in finally seeing the long-awaited savior, and the warnings came out of concern for the little family because of the difficulties they would face.