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And this is the second

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thing you do, you cover the altar of YHVH with tears, with bitter weeping and cries of distress for He will not continue to turn toward

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the offering or receive [it] from your hands with pleasure.


Here is another thing you do, you show plenty of signs of contrition in what you offer to THE ETERNAL AND PERSONAL GOD, and your demonstrations of sorrow are deeply emotional and full of distress; you do this because God has stopped paying attention to your offerings, and He is no longer pleased to accept them from you.



This word means “second,” but it was sometimes used in sequences that had more than two items, thus it could mean “again or another.” The number of elements in this sequence depends on where you start counting.😊


This usually assumed the turning of the face toward someone, which in turn could bring either punishment or blessing, depending on whether the one turning his face was angry or pleased. Here the context clearly points to turning the face with pleasure, which is something the Lord is no longer willing to do for reasons that will be explained in the next verse.