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Then He said, “On account of this a man will leave father and mother and will be glued to his wife and the two will become one body.   (See comments below.)


Then He added, “Based on this, a man will move out from under the direct and complete authority of his father and mother and become closely united to his wife and the two will become one family and one body [when their love produces their first child.]   (See comment below.)

Authority in the Home

When a young man gets married, he steps out from under the direct authority of his father (there is still an indirect authority that remains) and he is now directly under God’s authority as the head of his own household. We all answer to someone, and he now answers both to God as his primary authority, to his father in a general way, and to his wife as a dependent and an important team player. Having people depend on us changes our perspective on many things.

If this young man were a modern-day American and were to get divorced, he would think that he would answer only to God and to himself. But God’s design never has us answering only to ourselves on the human level; we must answer to another person, as well as to God. Yes, we are responsible for our own souls, but I am talking about submission to authority. I see the biblical pattern being that he should be subject again to his father’s direct authority. Wow! Can it get any more un-American than that? Unless they lived in the city, the son was already living in an apartment in his parents’ complex so he did not move back in with them, he was already there, but the primary authority changed back to his father.

God gave fathers and grandfathers (called elders) responsibility and authority, he also held them accountable. That is the way it needs to be, for authority, responsibility, and accountability always go together.