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Say to the sons of Israel, “When a man or woman does anything that misses the mark,

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[acting] the way  mankind acts unfaithfully by showing unfaithfulness

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against YHVH (read Adonai), and that person is guilty,


Say to the descendants of Israel, “Whenever a man or a woman does anything that misses the mark and acts the way people commonly act unfaithfully and demonstrate their unfaithfulness to THE ETERNAL AND PERSONAL GOD, and whenever that person is found to be guilty,



The word I have rendered as “misses the mark” is one of two words for “sin” used in this verses. This one comes from a root that means to “miss the mark, to go wrong, to be lead astray, to make a mistake, to miss the way.” Here one is wrong, not because he planned to be wrong, but because he was not careful and watchful.


This verse is tricky to translate because it has the double use of the word “unfaithfulness.” One is an infinitive “to act unfaithfully,” followed by the noun “unfaithfulness.” You have to add something between those two words. This is the second word for sin. It means to “break the trust and be unfaithful to someone,” in this case God and His commands.