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When there were no depths, I (wisdom) was brought forth,

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even when there were no fountains abounding with water.


Before the deep oceans were a reality, I (wisdom) was

made a reality; before

the springs of water were created,

I was made a reality.



Here wisdom is personified as if it can exist outside of God or some other intelligent being. The point is that God’s creation exemplifies wisdom, purpose, careful design, and order. These things were present in God’s mind before anything physical that we are familiar with was created. The model of evolution has no answer for where information (and its required coding and decoding) came from. Evolution cannot answer why order characterizes the created world rather than total chaos. We know that these things are simply an extension of who God is; they are part of the created world because it is God’s nature to be orderly, purposeful and to follow a well-thought-out design.