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when He firmly established

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the clouds above, and when He firmly fixed in place

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the foundations of the deep,


when He firmly established

the clouds above,

and when He fixed in place the strong foundations of the ocean depths,

(I was present and involved).



The verb which I have expressed as “firmly established” means “to be strong, stout or firm, or to make strong;” it can also mean “to establish.” I have joined the ideas of establishing and strength by saying “firmly established.” There is a hint here of the same idea expressed in Genesis 1:6-8 where the “expanse” is described as having a “firmness” about it, hence some translations call it the “firmament.”


The verb which I have rendered as “he firmly fixed in place” means “to prevail, to be strong, to fix in place, to harden or make firm.” The context indicates that it is the creative act that is in view, not a strengthening of something that was created previously. When God made the skies or clouds above, and the ocean depths below, He stablished or fixed them firmly, and gave them strength. It is amazing to see how much water can be suspended in the air at one time; there is a strength and power involved in holding up the clouds until it is time for them to release their water, which can also be done with power. There is also the strength of gravity holding the oceans in place and creating great force at great depths. This coincides with Job 38:8-11 where the ocean is described as having limits that it cannot exceed.