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In righteousness I will see your face;

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I will be satisfied when I awake

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in your image.

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But as for me, because I follow you uprightly with my whole heart, I will receive your favor; I will be satiated when I wake up in eternity and find that I am a small representation of you.



The face was often symbolism for favor or anger depending on the context.


“Awake” can mean to wake up from sleep, from stupor or from death. In this context it could mean any of those three. Death has been pointed at regarding the wicked, and the contrast being made is between living for the moment and living for eternal reward that goes way beyond death, so awaking from death seems to be the favored option.


This is not one of the words used in Gen 1:26 which describes how God created man in his image and likeness. This is yet another word that means “image, likeness, form, or representation.” It comes from a root word meaning “kind or species.”

This Life or Eternity

David is asking God to hasten the arrival of death and eternal judgment for the wicked because it is in eternity that the true difference will be seen between the righteous and the wicked. He wants God to deliver him from men who are evil troublemakers, yet he knows that many of them will not be punished by God during this life. They will continue to live normal lives, yet what you see is all there is to their reward. They are not storing up anything for themselves or their children in the next life, only in this one. In contrast David knows that true treasure is found in a close relationship with God which will have benefits for eternity.

Notice the use of words “fill,” and “satisfy/satiate, “belly” and “treasure”. Both David and the wicked are being filled and are satisfied, however David’s reward is long term while the wicked have a temporary reward which will be followed by eternal punishment.