Lift up your heads, you gates; be lifted off, you everlasting doorways,

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and the King of glory will come in.


When you understand that God is far bigger and far greater than you thought, and

when you allow His greatness to blow the lid off your concept of who He is and how He works,

then God, who is the most powerful king ever, will come to you, meet with you and show you what He is really like.



The word that can mean “to lift, carry, or take” is used twice in this sentence. It is even used in Gen 29:1 of taking a journey. The context of Ps 24:7 can mean to raise the head of the gate (the crossbeam at the top of the entrance) higher than it was, or it can mean to remove it altogether. I think the double use makes it clear that a simple raising of it is not enough to show how great our God is; we need to blow the lid off of this thing to just begin to get an idea of God’s power and glory.

It is not the door itself that is in view here because a door is a barrier, rather it was the doorway, or the opening of the entrance, and specifically the beam across the top of the doorway that held the roof above it.