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Then I will give to my two

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witnesses whatever they need

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and they will prophecy

1260 days

clothed in sackcloth.


Then I will give to my properly balanced set of witnesses whatever they need and they will be God’s voice-piece for a limited time giving a sad and troubling message.



The number “two” was a picture of teamwork and proper balance. There is also strength in working together rather than alone. If any of these three characteristics stands out more than the rest it is balance.

2: “whatever they need”

The Greek text simply says “I will give to my two witnesses.” The thing being granted is never explained. It could be the opportunity to prophesy, or, more likely, the power and authority to prophesy. It could also be the words and the message to be communicated to the people. It could be all of the above. I have chosen to leave it open-ended and say “whatever they need,” conveying my understanding that it was left open in the original because it could, and likely did, refer to multiple things being granted, not just one.