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The woman fled

into the desert

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where she has a place

that was prepared for her by GOD,

so that they might nourish her

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for 1260 days.


In order to escape the deceiver, the woman was willing to face loneliness, hardships and even death, but in the midst of her hardships she found that THE CREATOR AND OWNER OF ALL THINGS had prepared a place for her so that He and His agents might care for her needs for the limited time that this trial would last.



The woman fled from the dragon into the desert, the place of loneliness, hardship and death. Rather than staying where she would be under the rule of the enemy, she chose hardship and danger. In our lives we don’t run toward persecution and opposition, but we should be willing to suffer hardship rather than be under the power and influence of the great deceiver, the way so many people around us are. Not only is the desert a place of hardship, it is also a place of solitude, a place to get away from the crowds. At various times God took people to the desert, not to punish them, but to meet with Him unhindered by common distractions. There may be some of this involved here as well.


The Greek says, “So that they might nourish her,” but we are not told who “they” refers to. Many translate it as either a passive, or as a singular because it is easier that way. There is apparently some foundation for translating it other ways, but I prefer to stick close to the original grammar if at all possible. I paraphrased this as “God and His agents,” leaving it open ended who and what those agents could be.