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And one of the

heads of

THE BEAST appeared to have been mortally wounded to death,

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but the deadly wound was healed,

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and the whole world followed

THE BEAST in amazement,


And one of the leaders with legal authority belonging to THE FEROCIOUS CREATURE appeared to have been wounded beyond recovery, but the deadly wound was healed, and the whole world followed THE FEROCIOUS CREATURE in amazement,



The Greek verb used here usually means “to slay,” and the phrase means “slain to death, or mortally wounded to death.” The word “to death” is not needed, it simply adds emphasis to the already strong verb that means sure death.

2: “The deadly wound was healed"

This is obviously a mimicking of what God has done by raising Jesus from the dead. Christianity has been the only religion to have a leader and founder who has died and been raised back to life. The resurrection is unique. But here is one who will claim to have the same credentials. Apparently, many will be deceived by the master deceiver.