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Another angel

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came out of

the temple in heaven,

and he also had a sharp sickle,


Another messenger came from the place close to God where God’s presence connects with man’s need,

and he also had the resources necessary to punish or reward,



The Greek word for “another” means, “another of the same kind.” But the first one mentioned is Jesus, and this second one is an angel. We can interpret this in one of two ways. Either it is Jesus in all the instances of this section serving as the “messenger,” the one who reveals God’s will and carries out God’s will, (even calling to himself to begin the harvest), or it is Jesus and some angels all functioning under God the Father’s authority to carry out His will. It is most likely the latter, but the insertion of the word “another” does raise some interesting questions. At any rate, it sounds like two occasions of harvesting, not just one. This presents a real problem for the “rapture” as it is usually taught.