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To the one that prevails I will give the right to sit with me on my throne

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just as I have prevailed and now sit with my Father on His throne.


To the one that prevails I will give the right to exercise authority along with me, just as I prevailed and now exercise authority alongside my Father.


1: “sit with me on my throne”

Here we see a reference to the practice of co-regency. An aging king would often name his son as king prior to his death. For a period of time there were two kings. In that way the son would learn how to exercise the authority of a king while being able to benefit from the wisdom of his father, yet the load was shared by the two. In cases of disagreement the final word was that of the father. A similar thing is observed in the New Testament where there were two high priests: Caiaphas was acting High Priest while his “retired” father-in-law, Annas, was still considered the High Priest and whose word held authority even over that of Caiaphas.