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stepped forward

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and took

the scroll

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the right hand of the one sitting on the throne.


THE ONLY EFFICACIOUS SACRIFICE stepped forward and took the message from

the powerful hand of the one who has complete authority.


1: "stepped forward"

The word used here means “came,” but the sense is that He stepped forward, acknowledging the statement of the elder that He was indeed the one who had earned the right to read the message, for He could demonstrate that He had all power and all authority.

2: The importance of this scroll

This is a game-changing moment. From here on things take on a different tone for the reader. Readers from John’s day would have started looking for the moment the message on the scroll is read. This is the message that John was desperate to hear; he wept bitterly when he thought no one would be able to open and read it. Whose voice will we be listening for? That of Jesus.