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When the LAMB

opened the third seal

I heard the third [of the four] living beings say,

“Trouble’s comin’!”

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I paid attention and behold,

there was a horse, a black  horse.

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The one sitting on it had a pair of scales

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in his hand.


When THE ONLY EFFICACIOUS SACRIFICE gave the third confirmation of His authority, I heard the third   representative of all living things say, “Trouble’s comin’!” I paid close attention, and wouldn’t you know? I saw a personification of unlimited swiftness, and power bringing hardship and sorrow. Its companion was bringing scarcity to the people.


1: “trouble’s comin’!”

This is the same Greek word used above that literally means “come” or “go.” Several translations are acceptable according to the context. I have chosen to use different options for this phrase to indicate the wide variety of possibilities.


Black” can mean several things, all of which are associated with mourning, sorrow or hardship.


“Scales” were used to measure out grain. A careful measurement is very important in times of famine, as will be described in verse 6. While scales are used elsewhere as a symbol for justice, the scales in this case are a symbol of scarcity.