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12,000 from the tribe of ZEBULON,

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12,000 from the tribe


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12,000 from the tribe of BENJAMIN.

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All those who DWELL WITH the Lord and RECEIVE HONOR,

All those to whom the Lord keeps ADDING more,

All those who are filled with HONOR AND STRENGTH.



Zebulon can mean either “dwell with,” or “honor.”


Joseph means “to add or to increase.” There was no tribe of Joseph because his two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, took his place. Usually, when Joseph is listed as one of the tribes, his name is replacing the names of his two sons in order to list 12 names instead of 13, but that is not the case here because Manasseh is mentioned. Joseph is standing in for Ephraim, not both of them. If you haven’t read it already, my study topic comment that follows 7:4 explains why Ephraim is not listed by name.


“Ben” means “son,” and “jamin” means “my right hand.” Put together Benjamin means “son of my right hand, son of honor, son of strength.”