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For all have missed the mark

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and are falling short of the glory of THEOS,

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That lack of distinction is true because each person has missed God’s mark, and is therefore failing to give glory to THE CREATOR AND OWNER OF ALL THINGS as He deserves,



The word for “sin” basically means “to miss the mark, to wander from the right path, to make a mistake, to do wrong.”


“falling short of the glory of God” can mean either failing to give Him glory, or failing to receive and understand whatever part of His glory He wants to show us. I think it is more likely failing to give Him glory; salvation is more about God being God and being given the honor He deserves than it is about us receiving something from God. We think salvation is about us because we are the ones in need, but God sees it differently. He designed us and created us to give Him glory through our lives; when we sin, we bring the process of giving Him glory to a halt.