Now likewise the Spirit also comes along side us and takes hold with us of

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our weakness for we do not know what we should pray for properly, but the Spirit Himself intercedes

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with groanings

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without words.

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Furthermore, the Holy Spirit provides help that is just right for our weakness, because we don’t even know how to pray properly but the Holy Spirit Himself intercedes for us with unintelligible expressions of intense pressure that are too deep for words.



This word comes from the verb “aggressively take hold of,” the preposition “with” and also the preposition “corresponding to.” It is a verb with two prepositions tacked on to the front of it. Together they mean “to take hold with at the side, take a share in, lend a hand along with, come along side and take hold of, to help.” The kind of help provided is “just right” because it is “aggressive” enough to “take hold of” the situation and make a difference, but it is also fitting and proper because the Spirit is working “with us,” meaning we are a team and each one does his part, as well as “along side us” which means He is close to us and knows exactly what we need.


“intercedes”: This is a compound word coming from “for benefit” and “to come in line with, or fall in with.” The best description of the meaning of this word is from HELPS word-studies which says, “interceding in every scene of our lives so we can come in line with the Lord’s eternal purpose.”

3: "groan":

This is the word for “to groan or sigh.” Pressure is the idea behind it, thus, it is a response to great pressure.

4: "without words":

This adjective is made of “not”, and “words or speech.” Together they mean “inexpressible, something too deep for words, an expression that baffles words,” or even “a mute sigh.”