Song of Solomon1:11

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I will  make sure to enhance your dignity and elegance, calling attention to the most valuable aspects of who you are, which are accented by purity and radiance.


1: “I will make you”

The verb is plural in the original; but Hebrew sometimes uses a plural instead of a singular as a form of emphasis.

2: "ornaments"

She was already a class act before they were married, even though she was of the working class, but by joining together he can help make her even classier by praising her for her good qualities. How vitally important it is that we husbands learn to praise our wives often.

3: “gold”

There are two words for gold in Hebrew and both are used in the Song of Solomon. One means to “shimmer” and is the primary word for gold. It refers to something exotic and rare due to its brightness, the yellow color reminding people of the brightness of the sun. It was the grandest form of wealth, lavish adornment, or that which is of the greatest value possible. The other word means “pure.” Without purity gold is nothing. If it is pure it is also non-perishable, enduring. The word used here is “shimmering.”

4: “Silver”

The word means “to turn pale”—to turn pale with desire, or a substance that is pale in color—light in color or something shiny.